How To Create And Sell Your First Sample Packs

May 9, 2019


How To Create And Sell Your First Sample Packs

Sample packs are a collection of audio loops and one-shot samples bundled for producers to download and use as building blocks for their music productions.

Here’s everything you need to know to create a solid sample pack and a checklist you should stick to before you release it on the SONOIZ marketplace.

Topic / Genre / Style

Before you even start creating your samples, think about a topic for your pack. What’s the title of your sample pack? What type of sounds would you like to provide?

Obviously, If you are going to provide loFi boom-bap drum loops, melodies, and chord progressions, don’t include synth samples for house and techno.

Also, stick to your formula when creating your samples and make sure your pack has a topic in terms of texture and sound.


It’s totally okay to release a pack that includes drum loops and melodies if you are going to release a bigger pack but makes sure your drum samples harmonize with your melodies and chord progressions.

For smaller packs (less than 50 samples) I’d recommend making a pack with just one instrument, i.e. a drum kit or a loop kit that consists of one instrument.

Audio Quality

Your samples should be in 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, 24-bit or 16-bit .wav format, you won’t be able to upload .mp3, .aiff or .ogg files at SONOIZ.

Loops must loop perfectly and loops with clicks or pops won’t be accepted.

In case some of your samples have clicks at the start or end, apply small fades to get rid of them.


Your samples should have a volume gain between -5 and -0.3 db, do not use a limiter on your master channel.


Your samples should be labeled the following way:

  • Name of your brand
  • Name of your Sample
  • Instrument
  • Key
  • BPM

Ie. a 140 bpm piano loop in G major by Loop Goonz could be named:


It is recommended to use underscores between words and numbers.


The artwork is just as important as your samples and should complement the sound of your pack, I personally like to create my art before I even start creating the samples because it sets a mood and gives me a clearer vision of what I’d like to create.

Flat artwork is always preferred over 3d product boxes.

We at SONOIZ often run marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and if you release great artwork you have a better chance to be included in these campaigns.

Consider hiring a graphic designer if you are not an experienced photoshop user.

Final Words

If you stick to these rules, you have everything you need to create and release your first sample pack on SONOIZ.

If you’d like to know more about our platform, how we operate and pay our creators, visit https://sonoiz.com/sell-loops-samples/

Registrations are currently open!

Sonoiz founder Thomas Hodek.
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