Sonoiz 1.1 (Update)

March 16, 2019


Sonoiz 1.1 (Update)

Hey everyone!

Sonoiz is now almost 3 months online. More than 1.000 creators signed up and more than 100 people uploaded samples, we appreciate every one of you!

Some of you complained about a few things which we have fixed and adjusted.

We are busy working on more updates to give you guys the perfect tools to turn your loops and samples into revenue, but for now here are the latest changes.

1. Bulk Edit

Some of you uploaded a sample pack and complained about inputing meta data (genre, instrument, bpm, key etc.) for every single sample individually.

You guys have now the possibility to bulk edit meta data for all your samples at once or for the samples you have selected.

2. Payouts / Credits

Some people complained about our pricing model and wished they could earn more money per download, this is now possible.

You guys can now choose by yourself for how much credits you offer your samples.

How much you can possibly earn with Sonoiz now and how the credit system exactly works, is explained here:

3. Minor Bug Fixes

– CSS updates
– Delete option in my media
– More mobile friendly interface

We are working on more…

The next update will be a new section that gives you guys an exact overview of how much plays, likes, downloads your samples had and how much you earned with each individual sample, per day, week, month, year and all time.

We will also give you guys the possibility to upload preset banks. This requires to come up with a solution that is fair and gives you control over for how much money / credits you are willing to provide those presets. It can take a while.

Until then, keep making these samples and stay active!

Visit Sonoiz:

Sonoiz founder Thomas Hodek.
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